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The Point of the Renovator’s Wife… May 23, 2009

If you haven’t guessed from the title, this blog is about renovating. More specifically, about renovating with your spouse. If you’ve read my ‘about’ (don’t worry, I really don’t expect you to), you’ll see that I’m self employed – I’m a writer. I also love to renovate. My husband has been in construction for more years than he would be comfortable having me mention and although it is his occupation, he still loves to renovate.

The thing is, we’re good at it. Despite what you’re thinking, I’m not being arrogant here. We make mistakes, we botch things from time to time, but in the end we make sure everything is as close to perfect as can be. No half-ass jobs if we can avoid it. That being said, sometimes if you don’t know what you’re doing, you do a half-ass job!

Okay, so back to the point. If you’re interested in renovating your home, you’ll probably find this blog interesting. Although written more for the do-it-yourself’er, those of you lucky enough to have the cash to hire people to do things for you might get some amusement here too.

I’ll write at least once a week, more if I can fit it in and I’ll do my very best to keep it interesting. If there’s something you’d like to see me cover, let me know – I’ll see what I can do.

So enjoy, come back when you can and remember that it is possible to renovate with your spouse and live to tell about it – though I admit, it was a whole lot easier when the decisions were mine alone and there wasn’t another party that could voice their opinion!

Happy Renovating!


The Renovator’s Wife


3 Responses to “The Point of the Renovator’s Wife…”

  1. Lorie Says:

    Dear Renovator’s Wife,

    Love it!! I have been living through reno’s with my hubby for almost 3 years; I am becoming a handiwomen.
    Chat soon,

  2. Elisabeth Says:

    enjoyed your post! We’re on the same page!

    Trudy @

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